Who We Are

CanOps is a unique, national, not-for-profit organization focused on advancing public safety.
We deliver effective products, programs, and services through a consistent framework of operational support and governance.

CanOps Structure

Modern challenges and fiscal realities continue to push public safety organizations to streamline and increase efficiency in their work, as well as to find new innovative models to meet the needs of Canadians. In addition, Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) policy makers have increasingly favoured a reduced government footprint. This means that everyone is being asked to do more with less.

The CanOps structure, which operates in a virtual capacity and has its foundation in public safety, is well suited to address these challenges.

We are a member-based and broadly representative organization that provides a trusted framework of operational support and related governance. We have the capability to provide public assurance without adding or maintaining direct government capacity. Our not-for-profit status also allows for creative funding solutions, without the concern of a privatized profit driven agenda, and opens the possibility of sponsorships, advertising and more.

Due to our unique composition and national scope, our governing members are able to make strategic decisions that have a collective impact. Together our team can streamline and expand funding options, simplify oversight and ownership, and improve efficiency. We also develop and advance effective technologies, operating models, and closer integration across the Canadian public safety system.

Organization Model

Our Mission

“To provide innovative public safety solutions and services by bridging people, communities, industries, and governments with the resources they need; to build an extensive and accessible network of experts in their respective fields; and to empower and inspire our employees.”

CanOp brings more people and organizations to the game by becoming the “mortar between the bricks” and building connections.

By engaging the whole of society, there will be more partnerships, more flexibility, more innovation, more solutions, more opportunity for everyone to participate, and more resources available to provide services to Canadians on a day-to-day basis, as well as during major events and emergencies.

Our Vision

To be leaders in integrated public safety solutions and sustainable innovation that serve Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

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Our Guiding Values and Supporting Principles

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Respect in All We Do

  • For Canadians
  • For public safety professionals
  • For jurisdictional authorities
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Focus on Value

  • Optimal impact on public safety outcomes for Canada
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Continuous Innovation

  • Focus on solutions
  • Harness the passion of innovators
  • Seize on selective high value opportunities
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System Continuity

  • Economically sustainable
  • Integration with other system elements
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Integral to PS Community

  • Leadership “by” and “for” the public safety system
  • Mobilizing expertise
  • Engage, empower, and enable
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  • Committed not-for-profit model
  • Investing in future solutions, capacity, knowledge

How We Started

The Canadian Public Safety Operations Organization (CanOps) was established on September 30, 2014.

The original purpose was to create an operational organization that could manage services on behalf of public safety, and be nimble and responsive to the changing public safety environment.

It quickly became apparent that we could bring dynamic and important programs, projects, and services under our umbrella to advance public safety in an effective, efficient, and integrated manner.

CanOps combines both the policy and technical knowledge required for success. The CanOps organizational structure also has the potential to change the face of emergency management across Canada.

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