Professional Human and Technical Support, Ready to Ensure Continuity of Operations

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Professional Human and Technical Support, Ready to Ensure Continuity of Operations

Rotating member seats and changing leadership at organizations can stifle momentum and interrupt the flow of operations. CanOps’ Business Continuity & Organizational Support Services solves this problem for national public safety groups, provincial councils, and other organizations facing these challenges and aiming to maintain progress.

While committee members may change from time to time, CanOps remains an invaluable constant, deeply familiar with your organization’s structure, successes, discoveries, current initiatives, and goals. We ensure new leadership can seamlessly advance your team’s aims and accomplishments without potentially costly setbacks in time, energy, or expenditures.

Additionally, clients using CanOps’ Business Continuity & Organizational Support Services have access to customizable organizational support tools. These tools can be leveraged based on need and budget to enhance and supplement their capabilities, providing necessary capacity or resources.

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Business Continuity & Organizational Support Services

Built to Fulfill Your Needs and Exceed Your Requirements

Human Services

  • Provide support and assistance to organization Chair
  • Develop and maintain organizational work plan, as well as track action items
  • Coordinate organization projects and initiatives
  • Coordinate organization meetings (teleconference, face-to-face, or other):
  • Research, analysis, and project development
  • Creation of project/initiative supporting documents
  • Grant submission development and overview
  • Establish and maintain key strategic relationships with networks and stakeholders
  • Annual billing and legal submissions, as required

Technical Services

  • IT infrastructure planning & maintenance
  • Administer and maintain a SharePoint site for the organization
  • Mail services

How It Works

CanOps works with your organization to outline your goals and understand your needs. Based on this determination, we’ll propose the exact mix of organizational support services that will ensure efficient continuity of efforts while minimizing or eliminating backtracking and other impediments to momentum.

We’ll provide you with a service agreement outlining our recommendation on the services your organization could benefit from best, the estimated hours to complete those services, and the anticipated associated costs for the services.

As a not-for-profit organization committed to public safety, CanOps can offer your organization the best possible rates for the secretariat services we are recommending.

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