Providing Continuity of Services to Your Organization

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Human and technical secretariat support, ready to assist your operation in providing continuous service.

Across Canada, there are a number of national public safety committees/organizations that are governed by a rotating Chair. While this setup allows for continual renewed leadership and support to the advancement of the organizations, it can also make it challenging to maintain the continuity of operations.

This type of structure cannot provide stable secretariat services to the members and creates pressure on the Chair of the committee/organization, both in terms of workload and financial obligation.

Recognizing this challenge and the need for a solution, CanOps has created the Business Continuity and Organizational Support Services lines of business. These can function as policy/management resources for all of your organization’s members, with their own resources, independent of any single entity, improving internal efficiencies.

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Areas of Focus for the Business Continuity & Organizational Support Services:

Human Services

  • Provide support and assistance to organization Chair(s).
  • Develop and maintain organization work plan, as well as track action items.
  • Coordinate organizations projects and initiatives.
  • Coordinate organization meetings (teleconference, face-to-face or other), including
  • logistical arrangements, agenda preparation, drafting of minutes, etc.
  • Research, analysis, and project development.
  • Creation of project/initiative supporting documents.
  • Grant submission development and overview.
  • Establish and maintain relationships and networks with a variety of partners and stakeholders.
  • Annual billing and legal submissions, as required.

Technical Services

  • Administer and maintain a SharePoint site for the organization.
  • Mail services.

How It Works

CanOps works with your organization to determine your needs and the right mix of services to meet those. Based on this determination, we create a service agreement outlining the types of services required, the associated hours to complete those services, and the associated costs for the services.

The pricing model for the Business Continuity & Organizational Support Services will depend on the types of services an organization wants to contract, as well as the associated hours related to those services. This can range from a set number of hours per week for basic secretariat services, to full-time monthly hours for more in depth support and services.

Because we are a non-profit organization committed to public safety, your organization will receive the best rates we can offer.

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