Developed by Public Safety Experts for Public Safety Experts

  • Maintained search & rescue contact database
  • First-level phone call support for emergency services
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system
  • Dispatch center staffing and recruiting

Support for Ever-Growing Needs and Technologies

At CanOps, we pride ourselves on the core belief that we help keep the people safe who help keep people safe. From proper intake of emergency calls to efficient dispatch of emergency requests to the appropriate police, fire or EMS department, and including expert support for the latest search and rescue technologies, CanOps stands as Canada’s most qualified partner.

Our search and rescue client services are scalable to support local, regional, and provincial governments of any size, and our expertise extends Canada-wide.

Modern police, fire, and EMS organizations use a growing array of emergency support technologies, including data and records management, radio systems, and computer-aided surveillance and monitoring systems. Ensuring you have the right technology stack can be challenging.

CanOps brings decades of experience in Public Safety Communications and IT Infrastructure to assist with decision-making and ongoing maintenance.

In addition to frontline dispatch services and technology support, we maintain an in-house, full-time Recruiting Team that is actively integrated with university and technical schools to help recruit and hire dispatch personnel.

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Emergency Services Support

Get Support from Canada’s Premier Public Safety Experts

Client Services

  • Emergency phone call support
  • Dispatch center recruiting and hiring

Technical Services

  • Technology needs audit
  • Technology management
  • Search and rescue contact database management

How It Works

CanOps works with your organization to determine what your staffing or technology needs are based on the size and scope of your emergency services organization.

Based on this determination, we’ll propose a suite of human and technical resources to help your organization operate most efficiently while ensuring the safety of your officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel and the people they protect.

We’ll provide you with a service agreement outlining our recommendations, the estimated hours and resources to provide those services, and the anticipated associated costs for the services.

As a not-for-profit organization committed to public safety, CanOps can offer your organization the best possible rates for the client services we are recommending.

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