Run a Successful Campaign Leveraging Our Outstanding Campaign Management Tools and Talent

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Educate the public
  • Promote new products or services
  • Drive attention to your initiative

Get the Right Message to the Right People Using the Right Tools

With CanOps’ campaign management and marketing services, we collaborate with our customers to create strategic activities that achieve their business goals and drive attention and success.

We will implement campaigns at local, regional, or national levels, as appropriate for your campaign, broadcasting your messaging across various media platforms.

Utilizing our extensive network of stakeholders, customers, and outreach clients, our campaign marketing services go beyond mere advertising, aiming to raise awareness and educate Canadians.

Perfect for regional and national Public Safety organizations and councils that lack the capacity to manage their own campaigns, CanOps serves as a full-time

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Campaign Management

Signal Boosting Your Message to the Masses

Client Services

  • Top to bottom campaign creation
  • Custom campaign marketing strategies
  • Content creation, email management, and ad buys

Technical Services

  • Analytics and adjustments
  • Communication management
  • Ad campaign management

How It Works

CanOps works with your organization to determine what it is you want to communicate, to whom, and the intended outcomes.

Based on this determination, we’ll propose a campaign marketing and management strategy, outlining all the levers your organization can pull, or tap CanOps to doing the pulling for you, to ensure your message reaches its intended audience and delivers the desire results.

We’ll provide you with a service agreement outlining our recommendation on the services your organization and campaign could benefit from best, the estimated hours to provide those services, and the anticipated associated costs for the services.

As a not-for-profit organization committed to public safety, CanOps can offer your organization the best possible rates for the campaign management services we are recommending.

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