2023 Fire Prevention Week – Cooking Safety Start with You.

October 8 - 14, 2023

Canadian Public Safety Resource Centre

CanOps’ Canadian Public Safety Resource Centre (CPSRC) was established in 2017 to address gaps identified by communities, departments, and governments of all levels, concerning public safety education and prevention.

Through developing new public safety education campaigns, sponsorship opportunities, and partnerships with experts in the field, CanOps can provide the advantage of low pricing, and the accessibility of national programs and materials, to all public safety entities across Canada.

A picture of sparky the fire dog that states the 2023 fire prevention week theme of Cooking Safety Starts with you.

We are excited to announce that the 2023 Fire Prevention Week theme is Cooking Safety Starts with You. we have both French and English material in our store. we are a Canadian not-for-profit organization to help provide a successful fire prevention week with Canadian material in both official languages.

You can purchase all of your 2023 NFPA Fire Prevention Week – Canadian Edition products, plus much more, online at www.canopsstore.org

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Produced in Canada with the Generous Support of

Fire Prevention Week in a Box Program Partner

A big THANK YOU to Co-operators for partnering with CanOps on piloting the new
‘Fire Prevention Week in a Box’ program in which Co-operators are providing Fire
prevention Week materials to fire departments across the country and actively
supporting their fire and life safety efforts.


Official Canadian Distributor of NFPA Products

All CanOps campaigns and products are Canadianized and available in both official languages.

The CPSRC has adapted our publications and translated them based on material published by the National Fire Protection Association (www.nfpa.org}.  Any adaptation or translation from the original is solely our responsibility and therefore NFPA makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein.

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