Mitigating Risk Through Smart Vulnerability Auditing

  • Risk mitigation
  • Gap analysis
  • People and process audit

Ensuring your People, Processes, and Technology Don’t Expose You to Risk

Every organization must tackle two challenging discussions about safety and security:

1. Where are we vulnerable to risk?
2. How do we address those vulnerabilities?

It’s critical that an organization makes informed decisions regarding the safety and security of its people, customers, data, and physical locations.

CanOps has experts with extensive private sector experience in conducting IT audits, background checks, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing to ensure thorough protection and peace of mind.

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Safety and Security Services

Risk Elimination Today. Risk Mitigation for Tomorrow.

Client Services

  • Process and policy review
  • Hiring best practices
  • Safety and security support

Technical Services

  • Information technology audit
  • Penetration testing
  • Data Security

How It Works

CanOps works with your organization to determine what, if any, vulnerabilities to people or technology are evident based on common risk factors such as the current IT infrastructure, hiring background checks process, and data management and security procedures.

Based on this determination, we’ll propose plans to close gaps and ensure ongoing safety and security measures that evolve with your organization’s needs and complexity, as well as the potential threats themselves.

We’ll provide you with a service agreement outlining our recommendation on the services your organization could benefit from best, the estimated hours to provide those services, and the anticipated associated costs for the services.

As a not-for-profit organization committed to public safety, CanOps can offer your organization the best possible rates for the safety and security services we are recommending.

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