Safety and Education Training

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Fire and Workplace Safety Initiatives for Families and Employees

CanOps helps organizations develop and deliver an emergency communications staff training plan to support their safety education and emergency communications goals.

Whether comprehensive safety education and training are needed for an entire organization or a specific worksite, our decades of public-sector emergency services training and expertise will help deliver an enhanced understanding of proper safety behaviors and emergency procedures in accordance with your industry or audience.

Additionally, we serve as the nationwide stewards of National Fire Safety Week, providing essential educational resources to children and families throughout Canada. We collaborate with firefighters, firefighter organizations, local non-profits, and educators to teach Canadians how to prevent fires and ensure safety in various scenarios.

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Safety Education & Training Services

A Nationwide Program to Protect Every Canadian, Everywhere

Client Services

  • Implementing efficiencies in site safety and procedures
  • Ensuring thorough understanding of proper emergency communication procedures
  • Designing subject matter-appropriate classroom training and certification requirements
  • Recommend additional, ongoing, and annual training, as needed, to hone and add to existing skills
  • Distributing “National Fire Safety Week” promotional and educational materials

How It Works

CanOps works with your organization to outline your goals and understand your needs. Based on this determination, we’ll build a comprehensive safety education and training program custom-designed for your industry or audience.

We’ll provide you with a service agreement outlining our training program, the estimated hours to complete those services, and the anticipated associated costs for the services.

As a not-for-profit organization committed to public safety, CanOps can offer your organization the best possible rates for the safety education and training services we are recommending.

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