Duane McKay

Duane McKay


Duane McKay has been actively involved in the public safety sector for 40 years, engaging in a broad scope of public safety initiatives from ground level emergency response to senior policy, management and leadership. Duane has had a diverse career that allowed him to cross many professional borders and to participate at all levels of government. He has held the legislative responsibilities of Fire Commissioner and Chief of Emergency Planning. He has overseen the development of the Saskatchewan 911 System and a wide array of emergency communications systems, including radio and broadband structure. Duane also developed an innovative volunteer emergency response network and a logistics and training system, which included the implementation of a high school training program.

At a national level, Duane has served as Chair of Canadian Council of Emergency Management Operations and Co-Chair of Senior Officials Responsible for Emergency Management, President of the Council of Canadian Fire Marshalls and Fire Commissioners, Co-Chair of the Cross Sector Forum for Critical Infrastructure. He has also spoken and presented at various other national committees and forums.

In his role as the CanOps President, Duane provides leadership, oversight and management of CanOps’ business objectives. He oversees the development and implementation of the strategic vision and direction throughout all levels of the corporation.

Duane cares greatly about people and is always trying to help. His number one priority in life is his family, whether it is work family or home family. He is the only brother to seven sisters. Not only does he come from a big family himself, but he has a big family too. He and his wife have eight children, some of whom are also involved in the public safety industry, and currently have over 20 grandchildren. If Duane is not out making positive changes in the public safety industry, you will find him at home enjoying time with the grandkids.

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