Michelle Ouellette

Michelle Ouellette

Assistant General Manager, Public Safety Telecommunications

Michelle brings over 20 years of emergency call taking/dispatching and management experience. She has gained her expertise through working her way from the ground up as a frontline Police, Fire, and 911 dispatcher, to supervisor, and Operations Manager. She has also held the positions of Computer Aided-Dispatch Administrator, Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) instructor, Certified Training officer, and EDQ with National Academies of Emergency Dispatch. She has served as an Occupational Health & Safety Committee Chair and participated on the implementation team of one of the largest public safety radio system network developments in North America. Michelle is a Registered Public Safety Leader through APCO, and has obtained her Center Manager Certification through National Emergency Number Association and completed ICS300 training.

A few notable projects that Michelle oversaw during her time as the Operations Manager include the implementation and amalgamation of several sizable dispatch agencies, continual onboarding of new clients, implementation of a state of the art computer aided dispatch program, implementation of CPIC into the centre, the launch of National Academies of Emergency Dispatch ProQa software for fire call interrogation, the adoption of a next generation phone system and the physical move of the dispatch centre.

In her role as the Assistant General Manager, she will assist the General Manager in the management of the day-to-day business, as well as provide oversight, leadership, management and support to special projects and initiatives.

Michelle loves adventure and is always looking for new places to explore throughout the world, as long as it has a beach. She likes to migrate south for a few weeks every winter, but always returns to the prairies where she enjoys snowmobiling, fishing, pottery, crafting and spending time with her friends and family.